got jacked for almost $200, hahaha.
that hasn’t even bothered me.
but i fucked up big time with this boy.
lol I hate myself.

Being a drug dealer is pretty hard on my non-existent love life.
Boys are doing nice things for me lately. My ex cleaned my entire home when he was here. My friend drives me places and brings me shit when I’m too lazy to go up the street. Another old friend is pestering me about spending time together. Another ex let me spend the night when I was sad and wanted company.
They all spend hours at a time with me doing absolutely nothing so I’m not alone.
I thought it was because they were being lovely and liked me, so I made some moves.
And it turns out, they all just want their fix.
All work and no play.

I didn’t think boys could make me cry but fucking dammit.